Finding solutions to local issues: how SoJo stories saved a French regional publisher from collapse

Four years on from bankruptcy, Nice-Matin employs 180 journalists across 14 local editions, thanks to a subscription strategy boosted by solutions journalism

Nice-Matin, a regional newspaper covering south-eastern France, almost went out of business before a crowdfunding campaign saved it in 2014. They’re now seeing success with community-led, solutions-focused journalism.

Key quote? “Not only are Nice-Matin readers more engaged with solutions articles - an average reading time is six minutes on a solutions article, compared to around two minutes on other stories - they are more willing to support the newspaper. The publisher sees 13 per cent conversion to subscription from solutions stories, against six per cent on other stories.”

Key takeaway? The stats speak for themselves — solutions-focused stories have a 13% subscription conversion rate against 6% on other stories.

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